Find Legal Ways to Apply for Singapore Employment Pass from “3E ACCOUNTING”

If you want to get the job in Singapore, you will have to follow genuine ways to apply for the vacancies in reputed companies in the country. After getting job in Singapore, you still have to have some requirements such as work visa or employment pass, medical certificate, appointment letter, etc. So, you need to arrange all such things in advance to join the job in Singapore. If you are unable to arrange employment pass in Singapore, you should get in touch with any legal business or foreign employment service agencies in the country. For instance, you can take assistance of “3E ACCOUNTING” in Singapore, which deals in all ranges of accounting, finance, immigration services, permanent residency, work visa, human resource, business registration and many more. If you want to apply for Singapore employment pass to join the job in the country, you may contact to the above firm in the country wisely. The company and its immigration staff will surely assist you in the employment pass applying process and will get the job done as soon as possible in a legal way.

singapore employment pass services

At “3E ACCOUNTING”, you will find the best services for Singapore employment pass to arrange to join the new employment in the country. Under this service, you will get assistance for how to apply for employment pass or work visa in Singapore. In this matter, company and its legal immigration experts will provide right solutions to you. They will help you in the following things such as:

  • Filling employment pass application form
  • Providing pre-application details of employment pass
  • Allow for self-assessment of tools with MOM
  • Online tracking of employment pass application progress or status
  • Replying MOM application request
  • Information about maximum 2 or 3 appeals for applying work visa within 3 months from date or reject of MOM.

In all above regards, you will get proper assistance or support from staff of above concern in Singapore for sure. So, it is convenient to find the goal of work visa or employment pass in Singapore through legal ways by availing immigration services of above company in the country.

Similarly, if you are seeking for Singapore permanent resident visa, you should take aid of “3E ACCOUNTING” in the country and get this work done easily. The immigration team of the agency will manage your Singapore permanent residency application in a legal way and will also do the needful for the same. You can rely on the skills, knowledge and grades of staff of the above firm in Singapore and can get the permanent residency visa in Singapore through legal norms in the country with ease.


How to build a great career in Singapore?

Singapore has been the dream land for many people because of what it has to offer. A great ambience and good economy are the key features that attract both service and business class people from all over the world. If you too have a dream of establishing a business in Singapore and avail the benefits of its market and governmental policies, then you require some help to step into this fairly unknown world. This help for Singapore company formation is best offered by 3E Accounting and all the requirements and needs that you need to fulfill are related to you with understanding by their experienced and expert consultants.

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Getting started with your own business requires a lot of planning. Apart from confidence and good analyzing capabilities, bringing in investment and getting the company registered are few among the many initial tasks one ahs to carry out. And these certainly cannot be done with a snap of fingers. You have to be prepared in every manner and get your business idea ready for the same. And any help you need during this process of Singapore company formation is made readily available to you by 3E Accounting. They make sure that the initialization process doesn’t discourage you and you are still moving forward on the path of making your dream come true.

If business doesn’t interest you and you have a skill and good educational background using which you can work in Singapore for other employers and help them move forward, then Singapore has ample of opportunities for you as well. You can discover the great Singapore employment ways that lie before you with 3E Accounting and select the one that suits you best. 3E Accounting will help you get the employment pass and fulfill all other formalities.

How to Set Up A Company In Singapore And Flourish?

Singapore is the businessmen’s paradise. It is a place to start a business and enjoy doing the work. This is the country that encourages people to come and set up their businesses in the nation. The government is pro-business. They give a lot of benefits to people who set up business here. There are tax benefits and tax breaks. The various formalities to be followed by the businesses are very simple and straightforward. The government functions in the most transparent manner. Because of digitization of the government procedures it is easy to do everything online itself. The submission of accounts and filing or returns can all be done through the internet.

How to Set Up A Company In Singapore And Flourish?

3 E Accounting feels that there are various other reasons also for foreign companies to come and set up their business in Singapore. The country has a good economy to sell your products. There are enough double-taxation agreements and free-trade agreements to make your business to other countries from Singapore even more attractive. These agreements provide for captive customer to your products. These make Singapore the best place to set up your local distribution center for the entire region. The excellent infrastructure and the port facilities make this country the best center for trading businesses. 3 E Accounting will help you with Singapore company registration.

The first thing to do is to register your name. We will help you do it. It is advisable to submit a few names so that one of them will be selected. There are many reasons why a particular name will be rejected. So, it is better to give a few alternatives so that there is no delay in registering the name. Once the name is registered you can go ahead with the incorporation of the company. While you incorporate the company there is a need for one resident director. If any foreign company finds it difficult to get a resident director, 3 E Accounting can provide with the resident director. The resident director need not be a shareholder. We will do every service necessary for doing business in Singapore.

3 E Accounting also provides many other services for people who wish to set up their businesses in Singapore.

Allow Us to Plan Your Taxes for You

There are many taxes a government levies on companies and individuals. It is necessary for everyone to pay these taxes correctly. These taxes are used to provide many facilities for the citizens of the nation. It is from these taxes that costly infrastructure is constructed. It is the taxes we pay that pays for the latest utilities that the government provides for us. While the government taxes companies, there are also many tax benefits the government offers. Companies can make use of these benefits to reduce their tax amount. It is necessary for a company to be aware of the latest tax structures so that there are no violations of the laws. It requires an expert to be thorough with all the tax and how they must be calculated. It is not possible for many companies to afford to employ a highly qualified tax expert for the purpose of computation of taxes and filing of returns.

3 E Accounting has experts who can work out the tax and file the returns for your company. We are up-to-date with the many kinds of tax Singapore levies on companies. We also know the tax breaks and benefits that the government provides. You can buy our taxation package and get the help of our tax experts. We can help you with your company income tax, GST and the personal income tax of your employees. We can also help with GST registration when your company has fulfilled the criteria.

It is not just the tax work we can help you with. We are also undertaking the work of getting various types of permits for your employees to help them work in Singapore without any hassles. It is the dream for anyone working in Singapore to get a Singapore PR status and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Anyone who has an employment pass is eligible to apply for a permanent resident status. However, there are certain times when applying for the PR status will yield results for sure. There are also certain conditions that need to be fulfilled. 3 E Accounting can help you to submit the application and follow up the status of the same.

Get the Best Immigration and Business Related Services in Singapore at 3E ACCOUNTING

For easy and hassle free immigration services in Singapore, you should contact with genuine immigration agencies, which can help you in Singapore for any purposes like study, job, vacations, business trip, etc. For instance, you may take aid of “3E ACCOUNTING”, which is a right source in Singapore to avail the best immigration and visa services as per requirement. Usually, the company is engaged in multiple services such as business accounting, registration, human resource, IT, Software, corporate secretary service and many more. Also, company gives good support to tourists for immigration and visa services too. Thus, you will get all solutions in Singapore at one stop place at reasonable charges.

No worries, if you want to apply for Singapore permanent resident visa, but do not know how to apply for the same. You should reach to the “3E ACCOUNTING” in Singapore, which is a right source to get all ranges of immigration and visa solutions for work, permanent residency (PR), and business trips as well. For PR visa in Singapore, you will have to pass through with eligibility test and give valid reasons to the Singapore government for applying permanent visa in the country. Usually, there are two options to become Singapore permanent resident such as GIP Scheme (Global Investor Program) and PTS (Professional and technical Worker Scheme). So, the applicant may have to adopt any of those two reasons to apply for the permanent resident visa in Singapore through legal ways. To get the job done, company may assist the applicant to apply for the PR visa on behalf of client and will manage all documentations, form filling, and other visa related requirements to be fulfilled in a lawful manner. Thus, the above firm in Singapore can be your ideal stop to get permanent resident visa solutions in Singapore in a right way.

For secure and convenient immigration Singapore for job and business trip can also be made feasible by“3E ACCOUNTING”, as the company has skilled immigration professionals, who have rich experience in all types of immigration requirements, work visa, permanent resident visa, and rest of the immigration services as well. They will surely assist client in all types of immigration services and will manage them to be fulfilled in an adequate way. For more details about company and its best immigration services, you can also visit the company’s website at

Thus, you can avail all types of business and immigration services in Singapore at “3E ACCOUNTING”, from professionals of the industry and market leading charges.

Get the Best Immigration Services in Singapore through “3E ACCOUNTING”

If you want to get settle down in a foreign country like Singapore, you need to be eligible for that first. For this, you will have to arrange all the documents like visa, passport, medical clearance certification, and other immigration papers. Besides, you need to apply for permanent resident visa in Singapore from the embassy, if you want to live out there with family. So, there are many rules associated with immigration Singapore in a legal way. If you are unable to manage all the things or paper work formalities on your own, you may take help of any leading immigration service agency in Singapore. In this regard, “3E ACCOUNTING”, can be your ideal stop to reach. The company provides the best immigration service for traveling in Singapore and helps them to get relevant visa for personal and professional tours in the city. Moreover, the company specializes in arranging valid visa from embassy for work and living in Singapore as well. Hence, you will get all ranges of immigration solutions in Singapore from above concern at affordable charges.

No worries, if you do not know how to apply for Singapore permanent resident visa in a right way. You can take assistance of “3E ACCOUNTING” in the city and be relaxed about the work. The company has experienced and knowledgeable immigration consultants and professionals’ team. They will surely help you in knowing how to get permanent resident visa in Singapore and what are the benefits of it? Also, they will take the charge to apply for the same visa in Singapore and will arrange all legal documents for the intended purpose. The company and its immigration staff will do the best efforts in arranging PR resident visa and will also let you avail benefits to be a part of Singapore society. Hence, it is possible to get permanent citizenship of Singapore for living and working in the city with the help of above company.

At “3E ACCOUNTING”, you will get prompt and hassle-free solution for immigration in Singapore in a transparent way. The company and its immigration consulting team is always there to help clients from different parts of the world to get right details for Singapore tour and visa for business, personal tour, and permanent citizenship in the country.  In all matters, above company can be your partner and a helper to get out of the box solutions and visit to Singapore for ultimate traveling fun and living in the dream destination in the world.

Avail Complete Solution for PR in Singapore at “3E Accounting”

Do you want to live or work in Singapore for long term? If yes, you need to apply for valid visa for work or living in Singapore from the legal authorities of the nation. If you want to get permanent residency (PR) of Singapore, you need to apply for singapore permanent resident or citizenship in Singapore wisely. But, there are many clauses involved for applying such permanent visa to live in the city. For this, you need to get in touch with any authorized visa or immigration agency in Singapore. For instance, you can contact with “3E Accounting” in Singapore, which is a reliable source to get complete range of business, immigration, IT,  accounting, taxation, finance, and business management related services at one stop. The company has been managing its world-class services for global clients with the help of skilled manpower, which includes professionals of all fields. So, you can be relaxed about any sort of personal or business need in Singapore, as above company has solutions for all the requirements of clients.

For permanent residency or PR Singapore, you need to apply for visa for the same through Singapore embassy. However, you will have to submit valid reasons to get residency benefits in Singapore. You can apply for PR visa in Singapore for living, working, studying, and personal reason as well. But, one has to give genuine reason for the purpose to get the visa. If you are not aware of how to apply for PR in Singapore, you can take aid of “3E Accounting” in the city. The agency will surely assist you in getting visa for permanent residency in Singapore for living, work, study, etc., as per need. The company has skilled and knowledgeable immigration consultants, who will guide you necessary tips to apply for PR visa for through legal ways. Also, the staff of the firm will also help you in paper work formalities and their arrangement for applying visa for PR in Singapore.

Get Professional Company Formation Services in Singapore at 3E Accounting

For successful expansion of a business in Singapore, you should open new setup at most renowned business areas of the city. But, it is equally important to follow up all legal formalities involved in Singapore company formation process. If you are aware of how to proceed in this way, it is fine, otherwise you will have to take assistance of a genuine business registration company in Singapore. For instance, “3E Accounting” can be your ideal stop in Singapore, which renders high-quality company setup, business management, accounting, taxation, financial planning, and other services for business development to its valued customers across the world. The company specializes in setup a new business in Singapore by following legal norms of corporate the world in the city.

The company like “3E Accounting” is a right source, where new businesses can think of their future and will get total solution for Singapore company formation needs and other financial matters in an authorized way. The company has been operating in Singapore with the help of its experienced workforce, which includes talented accounting and financial experts, business registration professionals, and other business consultants as well. They work as a team and deliver optimum solutions for client’s business set up in Singapore needs as well as manage accounting and monetary issues of their businesses in the city. However, you can rely on highly accurate and lawful services of the above company and can be relaxed about your business in Singapore.

Also, the company helps job seekers to find their new jobs in Singapore through legal ways. You requirement for the best business services singapore services can also be fulfilled at “3E Accounting” for sure. The agency includes some highly qualified and experienced human resource and immigration professionals. They collectively make possible efforts for job seekers in the world to find prospective employment opportunities in Singapore. The agency has association with many corporate companies as well as ministry of manpower in the city. The aim to establish such connections is only to search the best suited employment options for the talented applicants in the world and allow them to come in Singapore and work for the country. In the same way, the corporate industries in Singapore will find skilled employees for them, who can take firms at the zenith of success through their innovative business ideas, creativity, and personal efforts at official works as well.

Thus, it is easy to avail complete business registration and employment solutions at “3E Accounting” at reasonable charges.

Want to have a great business in Singapore?

Business dreams are the ones that are seen most frequently, and are often tried to be accomplished too. But, the one reason that marks the end of the business journey of most entrepreneurs is lack of proper knowledge about how to handle a business. Due to this, most businesses are eliminated from the business world in the elementary stage of registration, and never make it further up. 3E accounting firm is the only place where you can expect complete help for all the major and minor steps involved in a business. Right from business services singapore to handling accounts and bookkeeping for your company, they lend you a hand in all of these.

With incomplete information, you can never get a clear idea about the picture of the market. Moreover insufficient facts about rules and legislation of the government regarding business in Singapore will lead to a confused state in dealing with the needs of the business. Get best advice and guidance for your business from 3E Accounting. tax singapore is much easier and beneficial with expert help from 3E Accounting whose consultancy is sure to clear any doubts you have in your mind regarding the market scenario or tax filing.

There is hardly any aspect of handling a business which can be managed alone without services from experts. It is well skilled, qualified and experienced professionals in every field that make a business successful, along with a dedicated team. To get the best of consultancy services about doing business in Singapore, 3E accounting is the perfect place to get all your worries sorted out. They make sure that the path you follow while establishing your business is a comfortable one and does not let unnecessary troubles arise in your way to success.

Choose highly reputed employment agency in Singapore

If you aim to start a business in Singapore then it important to find professional services that can provide the best support. This would help in realizing your dream in the best way. You have to search for the reputed services that can help in your business formation in an effective manner. All compliance matter would be handled by them once you find the reputed services. You can approach 3E Accounting Pte Ltd. which is the most renowned employment agency in Singapore. You can expect to get the ultimate services from our expert team so that you can start your business with all types of legal documentation. This would help in carrying out your work without any worry.

By providing you with services like your company name selection, preferred UEN identification, nominee director services, etc, you can always expect to find ultimate services. So, by meeting all your business needs, it would be possible for you to rely on our services. Managing your business would prove to be much easier when you approach our services. So, you can expect a high level of services from our team. This would help to get the ultimate confidence level from our team.

We offer other useful services like taxation, auditing, virtual office, IT and design, cloud solution, etc as per your needs. So, employment pass rejected would prove to be quite useful to you. We undertake all our work seriously and so you can always expect the most serious services from us. You can always try to schedule an appointment with us for getting your doubts cleared. You would never find any dull experience by hiring our ultimate services. We also never make any false commitment and therefore you can always expect the best support in reaching your dream of business set up in Singapore.